Property Management

If you buy an apartment or building to let, you will need to deal with a range of issues such as ensuring compliance with local property laws, ensuring the property is maintained in good condition, dealing with general repairs and maintenance on a timely basis, the installation of utilities and services into the property, collecting the rent and so on. We can manage all of these issues for you. Even if the property is empty, we will still visit during any vacant periods and notify you of any issues.

In addition, we provide administrative support services covering the issuing of invoices to tenant(s) for rent and service charge, monitoring of petty cash expenses, processing of payments for utility bills, dealing with year-end utility settlements and so on.

We can also provide a ‘home-search’ service to source tenants for the property by working with our partner real estate agents, thereby saving you the time of having to contact different companies and doing the ‘leg-work’.

As regards dealing with the accounting and tax aspects of owning and renting a property, please refer to our section on Accounting and Tax.

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ETHER Property Services

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