Purchase of Property

EU nationals can either set up a special-purpose company to buy the property, or alternatively apply for a EU card to buy the property outright in their own names. Non-EU nationals must form a company for the purposes of buying the property.


  • The initial requirement will be to form a limited liability company (‘s.r.o.’ in Czech) for the sole purpose of buying the property. The company should not carry out other activities. This is a common form of buying a property. There is a requirement to invest a minimum share capital of CZK 200,000 (about EUR 8,000) that can be used after the company is registered in the commercial register.
  • If you buy an off-plan property, you will additionally need the use of a registered office address (which we provide) until the new-build property is built and registered in the land register, and then you can apply for a change of address to the property address.

EU Card

To obtain a EU card, can include the following:

  • Applying for a EU card - which we would do for you on the basis of a power of attorney, however you would be required to collect the card in person.
  • Arranging for proof of accommodation.
  • Arranging for health insurance cover (if you do not already have appropriate health cover).

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